Moving From the Workplace of Today to the Workspace of Tomorrow

The megatrends of consumerisation, cloud and mobility are forcing organisations to adapt, and find new ways of managing everything from their systems, networks and data, to real estate and company culture.

In Part 1 of this study, Denise Carson, Practice Manager, Enterprise Mobility & Wireless at UXC Connect looks at why mobility programs must be underpinned by a solid strategy to reap the benefits, and avoid the pitfalls, of advanced mobile technology.

This whitepaper begins to explain why a detailed, and long-term strategy, for enterprise mobility initiatives is so crucial. Here Denise also identifies, and analyses, the following key components of devising an effective and sustainable mobile strategy:

  • Business vision and value
  • Critical adoption factors
  • User profiles and use cases
  • Mobile business process analysis
  • Policy identity and security