Post Event Report: Enterprise Mobility Exchange, APAC, 2013

The first Enterprise Mobility Exchange of 2014 is fast approaching, as is the inaugural mCommerce Exchange in Las Vegas, which we are naturally extremely excited about.

To express this excitement, weâ??ve decided to share the Enterprise Mobility Exchange APAC 2013 Post Event Report, to offer a different perspective on our yearly events.

The report includes a review of the top 6 themes which emerged from the Exchange, which will be interesting to consider ahead of the upcoming 2014 events, as an indication of the significant ways the market is changing year-in year-out.

Increasing numbers of organisations are investing in mobile technology to improve operational efficiency, workforce productivity, to deliver unparalleled customer service, and for many more key improvements. In a vendor market expanding at an exponential rate, it can be very challenging to implement the right mobility solutions that will help you set your business apart from your competitors.

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange team is constantly striving to facilitate this kind of progress, encouraging the notion that the true value of mobility lies in supporting the business â?? particularly when focused on mobilising processes around one or more of the following:

  • Customer engagement
  • Internal efficiencies
  • Bringing new products and services to market
  • Improved communications and collaboration
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