SPECIAL REPORT: The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: A Look to the Past, Present & Future

Mobile Apps Look Set to be the Top Investment Among Enterprise Mobility and IT Practitioners in 2014.

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange has just published the results of an industry-led survey. The brand new report, Global State of Enterprise Mobility for the Past, Present and Future gives a deep insight into the investment priorities of leading enterprise mobility and IT professionals.

The key priority investments for 2014 and beyond to emerge include mobile applications (47.6%) followed by BYOD devices and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Mobile security is set to become a bigger priority in the next 12-18 months, with 42.9% of practitioner respondents selecting it as a likely investment (versus 20% who have made an investment in the past 18 months).

The survey has shown in the past 18 months, practitioners have been investing in a wide variety of enterprise mobility solutions, 44% of practitioner respondents highlighted investments in mobile applications, 40% in mobile devices consumer (BYOD), 32% in ruggedised mobile devices and an additional 32% in Mobile Device Management (MDM).

The report also shares exclusive industry insights including:

  • 7 tips to lower security budget
  • 10 Industry lessons learned for successful implementation of mobility solutions
  • 7 future trends to watch out for in Enterprise Mobility

As 70% of respondents cited increased productivity as the main reason behind their mobile solution investments, the biggest obstacles hindering mobile implementation today include change management issues, integration with legacy systems and budget limitations.