AI Terms, Deloitte Breach, Phishing Tops October News

The growth of automation, another major organization feeling the pain of being breached, and how mobile phishing and weak passwords are hurting the enterprise were some of the most-read topics on Enterprise Mobility Exchange in October. This month we learned essential terms for the AI boom, and how mobile threat defense is gaining steam in an ever-threatened landscape.

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7 Essential AI Terms: What Do They Mean
If you’re new to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science, then you know that the terminology can be vague and confusing. To add to the confusion, the term ‘AI’ is often used as short-hand when referring to a wide range of related topics, such as machine learning, neural networks and data science. Find out more about what these terms actually mean, and how they’re being used in digital transformation.

MobileIron, Zimperium Team Up For Machine-Learning Mobile Security
The two security-focused companies announced this month a collaboration to help enterprises adopt mobile malware solutions with MobileIron will integrate Zimperium’s machine learning-based threat detection for better security and compliance. Find out what this means to mobile enterprises.

U.S. Government Agencies Exposed In Deloitte Breach
As if the Deloitte hack wasn’t bad enough, we learned in October that some of the clients impacted by the consulting firm – which offers cyber security solutions – were major United States Government agencies. Read the article to learn which departments may have been impacted.

Mobile Phishing Attacks Jump, Financial Industry Is Biggest Threat
Thanks to the amount of time employees are spending online to get work done, hackers have a veritable treasure trove of opportunities and touchpoints to gain entry into an enterprise’s data and sensitive information. Find out why phishing attacks specifically are increasing by the day.

Weak Passwords Are Costing Enterprises Millions
Why secure the home when the front door is being left wide open? The same mentality goes for enterprises, who spend time, effort, and plenty of budget to keep data safe, but don’t oversee employees’ password protocols, leaving devices susceptible to easy breaches.