Enterprise Mobile Security Must Evolve to be Both Predictive and Reactive

Lookout, a global leader in mobile security, has announced this week a new enterprise-specific mobile security solution, named Lookout Mobile Threat Protection.

Enterprises will be able to leverage this opportunity to embrace mobility, whilst being sure they are protecting sensitive company data, securing against malicious attacks and maintaining compliance with security policies through risk management and other important measures.

This solution will draw on Lookoutã??s expertise in the consumer market, by providing an extensive data-set of the worldã??s mobile code, to track threats from unknown attackers, as well as crucially predicting new unfamiliar threats. Lookout Mobile Threat Protection will extend this predictive security platform to the enterprise, helping organisations anticipate vulnerabilities and negate mobile threats.

Lookoutã??s proficiency in this area, in addition to a need for meticulous mobile security measures in the workplace, was demonstrated in a study of mobile devices associated with the global networks of 25 different Fortune 500 companies, in which 50 serious mobile threats were encountered per 1,000 mobile devices.

"BYOD has become standard practice across many organisations today, but for all the benefits of this model, bringing personal mobile devices into an enterprise can introduce significant risk to an organisation that needs to be contained," said Stacy Crook, Research Director for Mobile Enterprise at IDC. "Mobile security solutions such as Lookout Mobile Threat Protection can help organisations embrace the mobile experience, by providing visibility into current and predicted threats and establishing baselines of trust for mobile devices, while not requiring the device to be locked down."

Enterprises seeking this type of protection will be encouraged by the 70million consumers worldwide that have chosen Lookout for personal mobile security. These users will feed threat intelligence into the Lookout Security Platform which accesses virtually all the mobile code in the world, including a data-set of more than 11million apps, to make accurate security predictions.

Lookout Mobile Threat Protection will use this comprehensive knowledge of the mobile ecosystem to enable enterprises to define and manage risk for their mobile employees. This will result is powerful mobile security, but will leave business productivity in tact, ensuring strong adoption across the organisation.

Other features of Lookout Mobile Threat Protection include advanced malware protection, app management, risk management based on user groups, side-loaded app detection, advanced root and jailbreak detection, MDM integration, a friendly user experience, and cross-platform protection for both Android and iOS devices.

These type of threats, which can have a devastating impact on an organisation, should not be underestimated as mobility continues to proliferate. Reiterating this, some of the world's largest businesses from industries such as financial services, insurance, legal, consulting and entertainment have already begun utilising Lookoutã??s robust form of mobile security.

"We wouldn't think of running our desktops or our networks without security software, so why would we run these mini computing devices without a similar kind of threat protection?" said Lori Richards, Director, IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance at FCCI Insurance Group. "Lookout is helping us protect our devices without restricting the user experience or impacting productivity. We've successfully used Lookout Mobile Threat Protection on our Android tablets for some time, and plan to enroll our iOS devices and integrate Lookout with our MDM in the near future."