Interview with Head of Engineering at Google

Niamh Madigan

Giraldo Hierro, Head of Engineering at Google speaks to the Enterprise Mobility Exchange at the Las Vegas Exchange meeting about their mobility strategy and current and future trends affecting mobility which are impacting the Enterprise.

His predictions in the next 5 years include advancement around verbal technology and the enterprise wave which will continue to follow consumer trends.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME): Which key mobility trends do you feel are impacting the market at the moment?

Giraldo Hierro: There is a big expectation from employees to work the way they live, this means that the technology they have at home, they want to use in the workplace. 53% of employees are now using their personal devices in the workplace. That is the key driver for innovation today.

EME: When it comes to the current challenges in mobility, what is keeping executives awake at night?

Giraldo: With the trends in the market taking place, executives need to empower there organizations with the appropriate technology, or be faced with an organization that is a restrictive environment and will not be as collaborative. I think that is an important point that executives should think about.

EME: What changes and solutions need to be in place for an organization to take advantage of enterprise mobility for business success?

Giraldo: Enterprises should be looking at moving data to where users want it to be, any device and any where! Enterprise Mobility is simply about having access to a computer wherever you are. Smartphones and laptops are just small computers with a touch screen interface. From a technology standpoint, Cloud is playing a large part in mobility due to its nature and capabilities to empower individuals and allow dynamic collaboration through these devices.

EME: What would you say are your key drivers behind investments in mobile and enterprise technology?

Giraldo: For us, access to data anytime anywhere is key, this driver can be seen in the development of Google Now, an application that is context aware and can answer the users' everyday natural language questions. We believe that devices that understand who you are and what you're doing based on data is the new wave, and that's where we are focusing.

EME: Where do you see the mobility market shifting to in the next 5 years? What will have the biggest impact?

Giraldo: We are seeing a trend rise and people responding well to devices that have context aware capabilities that have access to data anywhere. I think we will be hearing a lot around verbal technology in the coming years, smaller technology that fits into devices other than your phone; an example of this is Google Glass and Smart watches. In the enterprise marketplace, I believe tablets will keep rising and desktops will go away soon as we know them.

Enterprises always follows the consumer wave, so it is vital for enterprises to keep an eye on the consumer market to see wha's next.

EME: Giraldo, thank you for your time, this has been very interesting and insightful.

Giraldo: No problem, it's great spending time at the Mobility Exchange and the team.

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