Twitter Interview: Excellence in Customer Service through Mobile Technology

Paolo Cinelli, Chief Information Officer, IKEA, discusses how mobile technology is helping IKEA to increase operational efficiency and productivity, and explains how they are moving towards an integrated enterprise architecture.

He also expands on the change of mind-set that IKEA has taken in the last two or three years, to connect decisions about information technology to business drivers that really lead to recognised value, all in in 140 characters or less!

Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME): How can mobile technology help IKEA to achieve best in breed customer service and increase operational efficiency and productivity?

P Cinelli: By providing customers and co-workers with up-to-date information, exciting views of products and stores, and the possibility to interact.

EME: What would you say has been your greatest achievement to date at IKEA?

P Cinelli: The IT agenda has evolved in a positive sense to connect our decisions about IT to business drivers that really lead to recognised value.

EME: Leading on from that, what are your three biggest challenges?

P Cinelli: Information management, moving towards integrated enterprise architecture and making the right business-driven decisions regarding IT.

EME: And to expand on the previous question, what do you think the solution provider community, enterprise mobility and beyond, can do to help you address these challenges identified?

P Cinelli: Connect information together and bring that information to the fingertips in a simple and usable way to many, many possible users.

You can read the full version of this interview here: IKEA Strives for Excellence in Customer Service through Mobile Technology

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