Twitter Interview: Investing in Mobile Technology for your Field Workforce

Niamh Madigan

Mobilising a field workforce is a difficult task for any organisation. In this interview, John Bridger, IT Director, Relacom discusses new investments in mobile technology to help employees meet customer requirements.

Additionally, he touches on some of the challenges which arise when it comes to limitations around implementation, all in in 140 characters or less!

Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME): What are the key drivers behind your new investments in mobile technology for your field workforce?

J Bridger: Everything around being at a certain place and utilising IT technology at that point is driving us towards investments in field technology.

EME: Looking back, what has been your greatest achievement at Relacom to date?

J Bridger: We defined a completely new IT strategy; having worked with that strategy from the beginning, through to its implementation this year.

EME: What are your current biggest challenges moving forward?

J Bridger: Technology adoption in the field, but not simply from a user perspective, you also have to look at how the technicians are working.

EME: Finally, what do you think the solution provider community, Enterprise Mobility and beyond, can do to help you address these challenges?

J Bridger: To see how they can work with management software companies to make platforms more corporate, if you like, more suitable for corporate use.

You can read the full version of this interview here: Relacom: Tips on Investing in the Right Mobile Technology for your Field Workforce

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