Video: The Mobile Revolution

We're in the middle of a Mobile Revolution. Mobility is changing how we live and work. Are you prepared?

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange has created a short video detailing the mobile revolution and its impact on enterprise mobility today.

Mobility is the biggest technological shift since the arrival of the internet and many IT departments are still not prepared to support a borderless mobile workforce. By 2015, the global market for enterprise mobility is projected to exceed $168.8 billion, as 5.5 billion people get online via their mobile verses 1.5 billion via their desktop. Is your organisation ready?

Watch this video to find out how the fast-paced growth in mobility is shaping businesses and enterprise mobility, and what a robust strategy can do to ensure success for the future of your organisation. Plus, find out where other enterprises are investing to remain at the forefront of this revolution so you too can leverage enterprise mobility to increase performance, productivity and profitability.