Niamh Madigan

Niamh Madigan is Editor of Pharma IQ and has worked at IQPC since 2008, initially as a Conference Producer on Pharmaceutical and Shared Services & Outsourcing events. Due to her journalistic experience, Niamh moved on to work as an Online Editor for the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, prior to moving back to the Pharmaceuticals division. Niamh has used her combined experience as journalist and events manager to produce and host online learning forums such as webinars and Online conferences for IQPC. Niamh’s journalistic career began in Ireland where she worked for the National Broadcaster, RTE, as a Television Producer on current affairs and health programmes for 5 years. She holds a BA (Hons) in Media Studies and a First PostGraduate Diploma in Journalism.

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There are many aspects to consider when putting an mCommerce strategy together, and most recently, security is topping the list, followed by policies, usability, customer experience, loyalty and content. The challenge lies in knowing where to start and how to incorporate all of these aspects. Viral Shah, Enterprise Mobility architect and...Full Article »
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Thinking of barrier enhancement solutions seems to be a default attitude when looking at mobile security. However, this will lead to paid probability reduction only and therefore higher than necessary costs. In a recent report: The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: A Look to the Past, Present...Full Article »
The digital revolution has made a massive dent in many industries, none more so than the banking sector, where technology has rapidly evolved over the last number of years. Mobile devices have already displaced desktop-based internet access and are becoming the preferred vehicle for carrying out banking activities. Today, branch-based...Full Article »
The Results are in ... A few months ago we asked the Enterprise Mobility community to take our survey looking at the Global State of Enterprise Mobility. We had a huge response and have just compiled the results in a report; The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: A Look to the Past, Present...Full Article » is one of the Top 100 internet companies, with currently 45,000 products for sale on their website. Over the last few years, this organisation has been a leading example of how a business can transition itself into becoming a fully fledged in the mobile space. Their priority has been to develop a successful mobile...Full Article »
Mobilising a field workforce is a difficult task for any organisation. In this interview, John Bridger, IT Director, Relacom discusses new investments in mobile technology to help employees meet customer requirements. Additionally, he touches on some of the challenges which arise when it comes to limitations around implementation, all in in...Full Article »
Being able to keep up with the rapid pace of change is the key trend affecting mobile application adoption at the moment, according to Drew Frederick, VP - Application Development, Scripps Networks. Talking to us at Enterprise Mobility Exchange Las Vegas, Drew expresses his views on how challenges presented by the development and introduction of...Full Article »
Security is certainly the most important issue within enterprise mobility for Indra Tjandra, Principal Architect for Enterprise Systems, T-Mobile USA, at the moment. The implications of BYOD for data protection, and data management, within organisations are considered some of the biggest challenges brought on by emerging mobile technology....Full Article »
Ask any CIO what keeps them awake at night and an honest one will tell you; how much mobility technology costs and finding the balance between enabling the user community, while not spending much more on IT. But if a CIO doesn't have a mobile strategy in place, they're going to need a lot of coffee in the morning! The fact that the...Full Article »
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