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Zarina de Ruiter is the Editor of CX Network. If you're a customer experience management or marketing leader and would like to work together on content for the online portal, or you have any editorial enquiries, please get in touch on:

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Top security predictions for the upcoming year includes the increase of malware on mobile, and higher risks to the Internet of Things and mobile payments. Security is undoubtedly at the forefront of enterprise mobility minds when looking at optimise or expanding 2016 strategies. But what particular risks are slated to become more prominent...Full Article »
New research reveals that US enterprises spend $1,840 per employee mobile device each year and many organisations don’t take ‘hidden’ costs such as IT resources and security into consideration. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile devices is made up of carrier charges (48 per cent), hardware (21 per cent), IT resources (15 per cent),...Full Article »
Join our week-long virtual event where we showcase five hourly presentations on how mobility leaders can ensure an effective user experience within the mobile apps market and stay on top of the latest innovations. At Enterprise Mobility Exchange we excel at providing value-rich, timely content via our website and live events for mobility leaders...Full Article »
The future of the Internet of Things dominated panel discussions and announcements at CES in Las Vegas. Last week saw the 2016 edition of CES, the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology, which took place in Las Vegas. The event has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough...Full Article »
Interview with Paige Francis, CIO of Fairfield University, about her role and the unique aspects of mobility within higher education. Paige Francis is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. She is a strategic and performance-focused executive with 15+ years of innovative, energetic technology...Full Article »
Marco Daccó, Head of Program Planning & Transformation Projects at Telecom Italia, talks about how 2016 will be key for TI when it comes to digital issues. As the year draws to a close, Marco Daccó, Head of Program Planning & Transformation Projects at Telecom Italia, talks to Enterprise Mobility Exchange about his mobility plans for 2016...Full Article »
The Head of Program Planning & Transformation Projects at Telecom Italia about his mobility strategy, key challenges and what companies he believes lead the way when it comes to mobility. Marco Daccó is the Head of Program Planning & Transformation Projects at Telecom Italia. As an ICT engineer, Daccó has over 20 years experience in the...Full Article »
Frost & Sullivan predict the rise of the IoT market, though they warn that cyber security risks are also increasing in the new year.Enterprise mobility leaders are increasingly discovering the opportunities with the Internet of Things, and a new report from Frost & Sullivan states that the IoT market is expected to continue its...Full Article »
The Exchange’s co-chairmen share their top takeaways from the event around UX for employees, IoT challenges, top-to-bottom security, mobile app delivery and more. Last month saw Enterprise Mobility Exchange returning to Las Vegas, bringing together 100 CIOs, VPs, Directors and Heads of Enterprise Mobility, IT, Field Service and Application...Full Article »
With an increasing reliance on mobile connectivity, the non-profit organisation was faced with the challenge of securing patient data. How did they find the solution to their problem? Intermountain Healthcare is a non-profit healthcare organisation, comprised of hospitals, clinics, and health plans, in the United States serving the state of Utah...Full Article »
19 results
of 2