Bob Egan

Bob Egan is the Chief Research Officer and Founder of the Sepharim Research Group, an industry research and executive advisory firm. Bob is globally recognised influencer and confident to C-level executives on the evolution of emerging technologies, Bob’s focus is on new business models being created by Mobile, IoT and Cloud.

Bob Egan has held executive positions with several Fortune 1000 companies including Gartner, Mobile Competency, Corporate Executive Board’s (CEB) - TowerGroup, MasterCard and Digital Equipment Corp (now HP).

At Gartner he pioneered the use of Gartner’s MQ metrics for mobile. At CEB TowerGroup Research his foundational work helped to give birth to the mobile banking and payments industry. At DEC, he was the architect behind the first dual band, dual radio Wi-Fi Access Point and a signature of the first IEEE Wireless LAN Standard.

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