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Senior mobility professionals from all over the world converged in Amsterdam last week, eager to share ideas and learn from one another. Enterprise Mobility Exchange has posted several articles pertaining to many of the event’s presentations, case studies and debates. For those that missed the event here is a summary of the findings.Day OneWe...Full Article »
On day two of Enterprise Mobility Exchange EU, we heard from Peter Schoonjans, VP, IT Infrastructure, Airbus. In his keynote, he discussed how open source has become important to the airline's digital transformation project.Like yesterday's presenter, Alan Coates, Head of Planning and Delivery, Ryanair, Airbus has cut project times...Full Article »
On day two of Enterprise Mobility EU, we heard from Thomas Davies, Director for Work in EMEA, Google, who discussed how technology has made him more productive at work and the impact mobile devices will have on the enterprise over the coming years.The first thing Davies asked the audience at Enterprise Mobility EU was to rate how productive they...Full Article »
The first day of Enterprise Mobility Exchange EU has been and gone. Using the case studies, debates and keynotes from the event's first day, let's take a look at its key findings. Here are a few of the most pertinent quotes and what they meant for the audience."There can be a purity of vision that stands in the way of agility."- Alan...Full Article »
The first presentation of the second day of Enterprise Mobility Exchange EU saw Dr. Sebastien Broecker, Chief Information Security Officer at DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, deliver a fascinating presentation about the role of the hacker in today's business environment.The first virus Broecker discussed was 'Stuxnet.' The malicious...Full Article »
At Enterprise Mobility Exchange EU, we heard from Alan Coates, Head of Planning, Ryanair. Having been in the position for nine months, Coates has been directly involved in the company's digital transformation process. In his keynote, he presents a case study, discussing how the airline carried out its digital initiatives by forming a '...Full Article »
Mobile devices have been infiltrating the enterprise for a number of years, changing business processes and increasing worker productivity. With organizations now understanding their advantages, they are looking to prioritize their mobility efforts to best take advantage.As a provider of tailored Enterprise Mobility Exchanges, we have a wealth of...Full Article »
Research conducted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange shows that 82% of companies allow their employees access to enterprise applications and content through their personal devices. BYOD is increasingly becoming the norm. Yet for a number of companies, the risks attached to it are a serious concern.Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst, ESG, has more than 25...Full Article »
Tangoe, a leading global provider of IT Expense Management (ITEM), which includes Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Managed Mobility Services (MMS), and Cloud Expense Management software and related services, recently announced its Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offering, simplifying how enterprise customers manage the growing complexity of mobility...Full Article »
Big data obtained from connected devices has allowed field service professionals to take a more proactive stance to maintenance and increase customer satisfaction.As companies attempt to move away from corrective maintenance, a number of new opportunities have emerged. New business models, increased operational efficiency, improved customer...Full Article »
71 results
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