Godfrey Chua

Godfrey Chua is a seasoned technology market professional with over ten years of strategic marketing analysis, business development and project management experience. Systems thinker with a demonstrated ability to synthesize complex and rapidly changing market and technology trends in the communications, IT, and IoT industries. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a transformational phenomenon for enterprises today. ‘Connectedness,’ is extending from operational environments to include other forms of products such as security systems, asset tracking devices, manufacturing tools, thermostats, and/or field force...Full Article »
Security is one of the more multi-faceted problems an enterprise will face as it implements an IoT solution. IoT is comprised of multiple components, each of which must be carefully secured on their own.It can typically be broken down into the basic components of device, network, platform,...Full Article »
Godrey Chua and Emil Berthelsen, both principal analysts at Machina Research, discuss how the impact of connectivity is now all-encompassing to the enterprise.They discuss why it is all about connected devices and products that capture, share and process data about themselves and the environment...Full Article »