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Jason Koestenblatt is the Editor of Enterprise Mobility Exchange. You can reach him on: jason.koestenblatt@enterprisemobilityexchange.com.

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The higher education enterprise is behind the times when it comes to IT initiatives and going mobile-forward, but many institutions are looking to change that mindset.In just the last year University of Arkansas has taken on major initiatives including WiFi implementation and virtualized desktops...Full Article »
Migrating to the cloud, whether in full or taking a hybrid approach, may be the right move for most IT enterprises. It may not be, however, for certain businesses. From cost to efficiency to on-premise infrastructure, is cloud migration the right move for the enterprise?Enterprises need to seek out...Full Article »
Where else can dozens of top-level IT executives come together in a unique, intimate setting to learn from their peers and progress their business? The Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Security West in Phoenix, Arizona this April is that place.The two-day event is jam-packed with speakers and info...Full Article »
In the fast-paced IT industry, new statistics and data are released daily. Each Friday, Enterprise Mobility Exchange will publish Fast Facts, taking a look at interesting or noteworthy information impacting businesses.A new report released this week shows the proliferation of enterprise mobility is...Full Article »
A massive data leak, or exposure, was recently made public and contained 33 million records including name, email address, and job title of employees from the Department of Defense, United States Postal Service, and tech giants like AT&T and IBM.It turned out the exposure came from an inquiry...Full Article »
Dozens of events, hundreds of emails, and even more phone calls. But where does it lead? What value is found in churning through the business cycle to only end up right back where you started?Some events feature thousands, even tens of thousands of people and too many vendors who have no idea which...Full Article »
Bring your own device (BYOD) in the workplace has evolved since the end of last decade, but not nearly as quickly or widely as many expected. There’s also been no shortage of reporting on market conditions (Enterprise Mobility Exchange is certainly part of that equation) and whether or not the...Full Article »
The future of the enterprise is to be mobile-first, but fueling that transformation is the software and processes that create the ability to enhance productivity and save costs.Enter RMAD – Rapid Mobile Application Development – and its code-free approach allowing citizen developers to build the...Full Article »
It’s no longer a buzzword; rather, it’s a thing. An avenue in which the world will operate going forward as technology further infiltrates both business and everyday life.The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the hottest topic in IT and will only get hotter as the decade wears on. Research firms...Full Article »
As mobility grows in the enterprise, so do the number of complications. Without a management plan – mobility governance aligned with business goals – your device management will be defined by manual processes, limited visibility, and fragmented systems.Mobile usage among employees is becoming more...Full Article »
132 results
of 13