Enterprise-Grade 2D Scanners Unveiled At NRF 2017

The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual conference brought forth the newest innovations for 2017 and beyond this week in New York City, but much of the focus was geared toward how companies are striving to improve experiences for customers.

One company, however, announced how it was making workflows easier for employees with the announcement of a product launch.

Zebra Technologies unveiled two new 2D handheld scanners at the event, touting the ability for the machines to make barcode scanning quicker, easier, and more efficient for employees. The products – the DS8100 and its “cost-effective” little brother the DS2200 – can scan 1D barcodes, or those with vertical black and white lines, as well as 2D barcodes, which look more like a checkerboard and stores more data than a 1D barcode can offer.

The DS8100 is said to be able to enable cashiers the capability of scanning customers’ items in shopping carts without leaving the register, and can pick up barcodes that are poorly printed, dirty, damaged, dimly lit on electronic displays.

The DS2200 is a step up for small and medium-sized businesses to upgrade from their current 1D technology at a lower cost, Zebra announced.

The company made waves in the enterprise tablet space when it unveiled its new ET50 and ET55 devices in 2015, the first of the company’s tablets released since 2011, which made a name for itself because it could support both Windows 8.1 and Android Lollipop 5.1 operating systems, as well as Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, a first for the company.

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