Enterprise-Managed Rugged Mobile Devices Could Solve Challenges with Security and Adoption

Mobiliya Technologies, a company recognised for powering secure, differentiated devices through its Android-based custom ROM Mobiliya KratOS, has announced a partnership with Sonim Technologies, a leading provider of rugged smartphones and solutions designed for workers in extreme environments.

The partnership between the two companies will aim to bring to market the first ultra-rugged, secure, enterprise-managed Android/LTE/WiFi smartphone.

Mobiliya Technologies and Sonim will collaborate on both hardware and software, to create what will be a unique, secure ruggedised device.

By combining the secure and manageable Mobiliya KratOS with the latest Sonim hardware, models XP7 & XP6 will provide fast, secure and ruggedised solutions to users and deliver a wealth of innovative enterprise services.

The partnership will also look to redefine the way companies use mobile devices, address key challenges in Android security, and spark true mobile adoption in industries such as mining, manufacturing, construction and defense.

"Today's international workforce is increasingly reliant on mobile devices, specialised apps and ecosystem features which go above and beyond standard, consumer-grade capabilities, particularly in industrial enterprises served by Sonim Technologies," says Krish Kupathil, CEO of Mobiliya Technologies. "Mobiliya's secure custom ROM, Mobiliya KratOS, will further strengthen Sonim's differentiated smartphone hardware by providing superior manageability and enhanced security, a crucial component in a time when breaches of sensitive information and data are at an all-time high."

Mobiliya KratOS will offer a secure, enhanced and custom read-only memory (ROM) based on Android for differentiated devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart glasses and ruggedised devices.

Built on Google's open source Android and equipped with advanced device management capabilities, virtual private network (VPN), application security, data encryption and a vast collection of customised enterprise and consumer-centric applications, Mobiliya KratOS will offer regular updates for both consumer and enterprise features along with enhanced, bloat-free performance to secure and manage devices.

"We approached Mobiliya Technologies for their expertise in securely powering and managing mobile devices through their Mobiliya KratOS platform. What's coming with our partnership are uniquely secure and manageable ultra-rugged devices designed for heavy-duty enterprise use," said David Hegarty, Sonim's Senior Director of Cloud Services and Applications. "These Mobiliya KratOS devices help us better serve our core customers who include oil and gas, construction and defence, among others. We have extended our lone-worker Sonim Protect services to Mobiliya KratOS's capabilities for a seamless user experience."