Simultaneous Scanning and Charging Tools Aimed at Multiple Devices and Operating Systems

Socket Mobile, Inc., a solution provider that specialises in innovative mobile productivity tools, has revealed it is working with RAM Mounting Systems, to address a need to connect, protect, and simultaneously house and charge its Socket Mobile Series 8 barcode scanner, with popular mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

This follows a request from development partners and end users that seek a robust single-handed solution, which enables both scanning and simultaneous charging, for popular iOS and Android devices. The agreement will provide the market with a new compelling solution that fulfills this pressing need.

Socket Mobile is a leading innovator of data capture solutions for enhanced productivity in retail point of sale, field service, healthcare, and other mobile markets. Socket Mobile's portfolio includes cordless handheld barcode scanners for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Socket Mobile's Series 8 mobile barcode scanners are designed to be connected to a mobile host, such as a smartphone, in multiple convenient attached configurations.

Approximately the same size as a credit card, the Series 8 solutions are the smallest and lightest 1D and 2D barcode scanners available in the market today. The unique scanners are supported in Socket Mobile's software developers' kit (SDK), allowing developers to embed support for the products into their applications.

Ram Mounting Systems manufactures utilises a diverse set of manufacturing capabilities to offer full service product design and development. It has developed its, patent pending, IntelliSkin with Global Docking System (GDS) Technology. This will provide robust drop protection and an integrated rugged data and charge connector, compatible with any of its many GDS docks, covering a variety of use cases.