6 Exciting Mobile Apps for iPhone 6 Enterprise Users

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 01/25/2015
6 Exciting Mobile Apps for iPhone 6 Enterprise Users

Monday, January 26, 2015.

2014 was a big year for Apple in both the consumer market and in the enterprise. The technology giant is still facing fierce competition from rival brands such as Microsoft and Google, but iOS finished the year with a large share of the percentage of mobile device activations among businesses.

This is somewhat unsurprising, following the impact the release of the new iPhone 6 had on the market, as well as the improved enterprise-related capabilities revealed alongside the iOS 8 operating system upgrade back in September.

With 2015 set to see an increased rise in enterprises encouraging mobility on a global scale, as well as mobile applications remaining the clear favourite in terms of investments in mobile solutions for the majority of companies, we’ve decided to look at six apps for the iPhone 6 which may be of particular interest to business users.

1. Email: Acompli Email

This email app enables users to connect to Microsoft (Outlook or Exchange), Gmail, Apple iCloud or Yahoo servers for mail, as well as cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Box. The app delivers a positive user experience with easy access to email, calendars and contacts from multiple sources at one time. The app routes all this data through its servers, which are equipped with a unique security policy.

2. Document Scanning: TinyScan

TinyScan is an app which lets users take a photo of a paper document, then converts the photo into a high-quality PDF on the iPhone. The PDF can then be opened in tools such as Adobe Reader, to allow users to save it, send by email or fax, or conveniently transfer by online storage services.

3. Travel and Expenses: Concur

Frequent business travellers can use Concur, a travel monitoring app, to make the process of tracking their expenses and receipts much easier. The app keeps a record of all transactions for users as well as presenting travel information, itineraries and any necessary flight details. Expenses can then be submitted effortlessly to the user's company.

4. Language Translation: Google Translate

For international business communications and similar tasks, Google’s language translation app works effectively on the iPhone 6 with some useful and impressive new features. The app can translate speech and text quickly in a large number of languages, as well as accurately translating the user’s response or other text back into the original language.

5. Customer Service: Zendesk

For small businesses and startups that must focus heavily on maintaining good customer service, users can leverage cloud-based customer service features such as self-service, ticketing and customer support capabilities, to ensure the brand keeps its customers satisfied. This innovative native app allows third party integration for additional uses and allows multi-brand support across linked accounts.

6. Security: AirWatch MDM Agent

This sixth and final app is more for the benefit of the enterprise itself, rather than employees. For IT professionals that are seeking a secure, comprehensive way to keep up with their workforce’s activities on mobile devices, this app is a mobile device management tool which provides insight into the user’s behavior for the enterprise, including call tracking and other security enforcements, protecting corporate assets such as sensitive data and important information.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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