$6M SkyGiraffe Funding Gives Developers Open-Source App Options

An incredibly successful round of funding for SkyGiraffe has resulted in the expansion of capabilities for developers to build on top of its platform.

Thanks to a host of partners from around the industry, including angel investors in the form of C-level executives and company founders, $6 million was raised to enable SkyGiraffe to give developers full, secure access to backend data. From there, developers can build on the already established platform and easily integrate the endpoint with applications like Slack, Office365, Skype, and Google Sheets, according to a press release.

The code is now open-sourced and accessible through GitHub. SkyGiraffe had previously raised $4.5 million in funding.

"Today more than ever, businesses need to quickly and continuously build mobile-first enterprise applications that access SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and others" said Heroku founder James Lindenbaum. "For the first time, SkyGiraffe has made it possible for developers to easily build and deploy these apps."

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