A Healthy Start For Enterprise Mobility In Wellness

Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 04/04/2017
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While the rise of enterprise mobility is not vertical specific – the far reach of digital transformation abounds – one industry seems to be grabbing the bull by the horns and diving in at a tremendous rate.

The healthcare industry, from insurance providers to medical professionals and every hospital building in between, is a global service that impacts all. In order to provide the best care to all patients, health officials must meet the demands of a robust and ever-growing technology industry.

With all of healthcare’s many tentacles, organizations are quick to collaborate and push forward mobility on a global stage.

Just this week, healthcare companies Voxiva and Sense Health announced the launch of a new venture titled Wellpass, Inc. that creates an integrated messaging and engagement platform that connects health plans and providers to send secure messages to individuals or large groups at one time. The platform can also enroll members, offer wellness and condition-specific programs, and create other customized programs, according to a joint press release on Monday.

Continuing the app focus in the industry, Canada-based Symbility Solutions unveiled its new mobile platform that allows clients to “white-label” the app, which adds their own branding to the app as a bolt-on. The app includes real-time claims processing as well as optical character recognition (OCR) for enhanced security. When these authentication factors aren’t met, the claim is flagged and sent for further review, the company said.

The mobile space is also lending itself to a wider range of onsite health initiatives, as enterprises incentivize employees to get in shape by reducing medical costs or lessening health facility membership fees.

A Chicago-based company is going mobile in that space, bringing an “employee-challenges” platform to “spark” health engagement at the workplace. Interactive Health uses its Healthy Activities platform to connect users (employees) to personal fitness plans and uses tools and resources to boost employee participation.

Mobility in healthcare is a moving target for tech companies, whether they’re building apps, entire software systems, or even the mobile hardware used by medical professionals. But the market is certainly booming, as illnesses, diagnoses, and treatments continue to evolve.

Where do you see the biggest mobile movement in healthcare? Is it in the hardware? Is it apps? Let us know in the comments section.

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Jason Koestenblatt
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt

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