Anytime, Anywhere Access: Utilising Cloud-Based Technology to Meet User Demands

"The design sensibilities of users coupled with the explosion of mobile devices, and empowered by the internet as a delivery mechanism, has firmly put the balance of power in the hands of the end users. Businesses that can put this end user focus front and centre, whilst balancing the needs of enterprise IT, are the ones who will be successful going forward."

In Part 2 of this exclusive video interview, Abhay Rajaram, VP Customer Success, Hightail continues to explain how mobile technology can help businesses achieve customer satisfaction. With up to 50% of business users believing they have access to better technology at home than they do at work, Abhay also outlines how users can benefit from cloud storage and file sharing, and reveals what he feels the future may hold for mobile data.

Catch up with the first half of this interview to learn from Abhay the importance of delivering on promises to mobile customers, as well as advice on translating user requirements into the implementation of business solutions.