Apple's CarPlay Puts Smartphones in the Driving Seat

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 03/04/2014
Apple's CarPlay Puts Smartphones in the Driving Seat

Apple may not have been present at the esteemed Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona last week, but they have taken it upon themselves this week to reveal a new technological concept with radical implications for consumers.

The announcement of the Apple CarPlay has earned the attention of both the automotive and the technology industries respectively, as the smartphone giants look to further merge their mobile technology into the most simple and understated aspects of everyday life.

This comprehensive technological integration, into innate daily tasks which are mutual among the vast majority of the world's population, is a well-established vision which is fast becoming a reality. The Apple CarPlay has partnered with leading brands Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo for their launch, with other global companies such as Jaguar, BMW and Ford looking set to follow suit.

Essentially, the CarPlay is an in-car platform compatible with Apple's latest iPhone models, which allows the user complete control of their driving experience via an iOS-enabled dashboard touch screen, a selection of the connected phone's apps and the Siri voice control technology.

This intelligent technology will focus on convenience and safety for the driver, whilst minimising distractions and significantly streamlining the user's experience. The key aspects of CarPlay which will aim to achieve this include: the ability to take and make calls completely hands-free, Siri reading and replying to text messages while you drive, turn-by-turn GPS navigation and traffic updates with the use of Apple Maps, support of third-party apps from the iTunes App Store (within safety guidelines), and a fully optimised, easy to control entertainment system.

However, this attempt to reinvent the way people interact with their cars could just be another chapter in the long drawn-out battle between Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Despite all of these impressive features, it is possibly more significant that CarPlay will have fierce competition from Android-enabled cars.

Due to Google's far superior mapping capabilities, their automotive experience in developing driverless cars, as well as the impending rise of Google Glass, Android could very well turn out to be the dominant force in car technology in the coming years.

Either way, the Apple CarPlay appears to be confirmation that mobile technology will soon begin to align more closely with our lives by seamlessly connecting with the indispensable things around us.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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