Are Solution Providers and End-Users on the Same Page?

According to research conducted towards the end of last year, there are conflicting opinions and varying priorities across the Enterprise Mobility spectrum.

Having evaluated the investment in mobile solutions, the consequential challenges businesses face, and the desired outcomes of implementing such technology, the question of 'who is doing what' remains an important one.

Here we take a look at just how much the respective mind-sets of solution providers and mobile practitioners can differ, but also demonstrate similarities.

Areas of Investment in Mobile Solutions

Of the top areas of investment in the market outlined by solution providers, the opposing end-user results disagreed on four of the five counts. The only agreement was Mobile Apps, which was the top priority from both perspectives.

Reasons for Investment

Regarding the reasons for investing in mobility, and the justification for doing so, the number one response among both solution providers and end-users was increased productivity. The other four reasons cited (improved customer service, improved operational efficiency, reduced costs and streamlined operations), were agreed upon, but at differing levels of importance.

Challenges in Implementing Mobile Solutions

Similarly, solution providers and end users concurred on four of the five challenges which arise from implementing mobile solutions. Budget limitations were the third most prominent challenge in the collective opinion of solution providers, whilst change management was identified as the third most challenging aspect of implementation for end users.

For a visual representation of the full collection of data regarding these comparisons, you can view our Global State of Enterprise Mobility Infographic.

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