Is Big Data a Reality or Just a Concept?

Big data is gaining staggering momentum within the mobility space. Companies are realising that the potential of mobile technology can be maximised through an acute understanding of their customer behaviour, in addition to bolstering their business strategies across the enterprise.

The benefits of mobile technology in collating large sets of data are rapidly evolving, with the relationship between the two growing stronger as capabilities continue to develop. Organisations are able to forecast industry and consumer trends, and in many markets, have put an emphasis on customer engagement becoming increasingly important for business performance.

Watch this in-depth panel discussion from the CMO Exchange 2013, which focuses on the concept of Big Data, and explores the ways in which it can be leveraged to benefit different types of organisations.

The panel consists of Michael Woodburn, Chief Marketing Officer, Capital One; Paul Blacker, Head of Broadband Strategy, BT Business; Mike Bird, formerly Head of Marketing Delivery, VocaLink; Vincent Rousselet, Former CEO, Strategic Planning Group.

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