Medical Selfies can Improve Remote Patient Care for Physicians in mHealth

A new technology feature has been released within the mHealth space by DICOM Grid, an open cloud platform for medical imaging applications, dubbed 'medical selfie', which will be available through a mobile-optimised medical image management platform.

This mobile feature will allow patients and care providers to upload medical pictures taken on iOS devices, and securely share them with phyiscians.

"The ability to quickly send a picture is especially critical in trauma situations, or frankly just to monitor on-going care," said Morris Panner, CEO of DICOM Grid. "For example, patients or referring physicians can snap a shot of a burn, wound, or other injury and share it with a specialty provider in minutes. A physician can view the picture through our secure portal to determine a treatment plan, and advise whether or not the issue requires an in-person visit."

DICOM Grid is positioning itself as a pioneer in the healthcare industry, providing web-based tools that facilitate remote consultations involving imaging. Online features for 24/7 access, real-time image sharing, mobile viewing, and secure messaging are made possible through its innovative DG Suite of products.

The 'medical selfie' feature will facilitate real-time sharing of visible light imagery in a HIPAA secure environment. Commonly used in dermatology and wound care, visible light imagery can be assessed without specialist equipment.

In addition to still pictures, patients will also be able to share diagnostic imaging and related data. By creating a DICOM Grid account, all information that is uploaded and shared will then be accessible and viewed by patients online.

"As a physician who performs online patient consultations, tools like medical selfies help to streamline the telemedicine process," comments Dr. Rourke Stay, a user of DICOM Grid and Founder of Lightbulb Radiology, an online destination for patients seeking second opinion services. "From a workflow standpoint, having images and pictures sent directly to my worklist is great. These tools empower patients by enabling them to seamlessly transfer imaging data from their own iPhones into the hands of an expert consultant."