Bridging the Gap Between Brands and Customers with Mobile Apps

Experienced mobile solution provider, BurhanSoft, has announced a new mobile app to bridge the gap between the enterprise and the customer.

The app, named Grouplee, will be aimed at both both buyers and brands, in an attempt to create a personal digital notification platform to stimulate communication and leverage patterns of behavior, to optimise the relationship.

This app will look to address the need for increased engagement through digital channels, which businesses now require, to remain competitive in a market so heavily dependent on mobile devices. Grouplee will allow marketing efforts, and other communications between brands and consumers, to be much more accurately targeted and consequently improve results.

Organisations will be able to use this app to attract and retain customers in spite of their competitors, by establishing a more acute understanding of market needs and expectations to maximise the effectiveness of their advertisements and offers.

Grouplee will provide brands with a mobile platform to showcase their products with customised advertising which will be delivered to the most relevant end users, helping reach the desired audiences at the best times.

The app will aim to further encourage engagement by featuring an intuitive user interface which will allow users to easily navigate the landscape of brands and companies within, in a more personalised way to benefit each business. Users will also be able to access extensive information about each brand, presenting more opportunities for interaction and, ultimately, more sales.

"With a varied need of consumers today, it is very important for brands to understand, study, and communicate with their buyers more closely. BurhanSoft understood this problem and came up with a solution - Grouplee," said Mr. A. Tayeb Tamal, Founder and CEO, BurhanSoft. "Every brand wants a share of the buyer's pocket. Consumers these days have become extremely particular when it comes to buying a product, even if it's a thing as small and basic as glue. We at Grouplee want to ensure that consumers easily cut through the noise in the marketplace and get exactly what they are looking for."