Budget 2014: Tips for Making Adjustments in Enterprise Mobility

Earlier this afternoon, Chancellor George Osborne delivered his statement revealing the UK governmentã??s financial plan for the next year, announcing a budget set to ã??build a resilient economyã?쳌, along with a new design for a 12-sided ã1 coin.

With this in mind, we began thinking about the importance of security budgets. Having recently spoken to Tim Hundt, Senior Enterprise Architect, GE Capital, who told us, ã??It is key to have the correct security in place, or your ROI will be affectedã?쳌, we have considered what organisations can do about their security budgets to ensure they are protected for the future.

Here, Michel de Goede, Strategy Consultant and Enterprise Architect, Alliander shares seven expert tips to minimise budgets for mobile security, a high priority in terms of investment:

1. Transfer a portion of your mobile risk portfolio to business partners

2. Be Aware: Educated staff will reduce the number of security incidents

3. Withdrawal of authorisations and access rights will reduce the probability and potential
impact of your business partnersã?? rogue actions

4. Screen business partners with advanced system privileges (probability reduction)

5. Enhance monitoring of business partners / employees with an impeding or on-going issue

6. Protect the device, sandbox or virtualise apps, encrypt data or the device and add MDM
software with passwords

7. Monitor logs and/or subscribe to monitoring and defence party (probability and impact reduction)

Michelã??s insight was drawn from our report, the Global State of Enterprise Mobility: A Look to the Past, Present & Future.