Businesses Find Competitive Advantages with Mobile App Data and Engagement Metrics

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 02/04/2015
Businesses Find Competitive Advantages with Mobile App Data and Engagement Metrics

Thursday, February 5, 2015.

A new web-based dashboard solution has been launched, making it easier and faster for customers to gain insights into mobile application usage trends worldwide, by mobile measurement and analytics company Mobidia Technology Inc.

Drawing on the industry’s largest global mega-panel of smartphone users, Mobidia's Analytics Web Dashboard is a complete resource for mobile app data and engagement metrics, offering deep insights into app penetration, engagement, retention, usage, and other advanced user-cohort metrics that reveal the true performance of mobile applications.

Using Mobidia's Analytics Web Dashboard, businesses can track trends across the mobile app market and increase their awareness of competitors' app traction, an important step towards gaining strategic advantages.
The global view into app usage metrics and analytics that Mobidia offers enables businesses to gauge mobile usage trends, and make more educated strategy, product and marketing decisions. This is leveraged by global organisations such as Skype, King, Kakao and Twitter.

"We're proud of the role our data has played in helping hundreds of app developers and game publishers build stronger businesses," said Derek Spratt, CEO of Mobidia. "And access to our new dashboard makes it even easier for our customers to gain insights into the key performance indicators they value most when making critical business decisions. It's an invaluable tool for app marketers to help understand and drive customer acquisition, app retention, engagement, and in-app purchases and app revenues."

Mobidia's new dashboard makes it possible to quickly and easily learn which mobile apps are being used the most and for how long. Specifically, this technology provides leaderboards and top app charts that highlight detailed metrics on key aspects such as monthly and weekly active users, minutes of use, number of sessions, days of retention and more. The dashboard also provides at-a-glance views of country and app category leaderboards based on usage.

Mobidia's data sample is among the largest in the mobile app industry. Informed by millions of Android and iOS users in over 200 countries, and featuring more than two years of historical usage data, Mobidia's metrics are reportedly more accurate than surveys, panels, forecasts or estimates.

The data, which is delivered on a daily basis by users of Mobidia's popular My Data Manager app, offers a look into real usage, from real users, in a real environment across all networks. Additionally, Mobidia has millions of apps in its database and measures usage on the most popular apps as well as new, upcoming apps on the ‘long-tail’ of app penetration and usage.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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