Closing the Gap Between Mobile Security and Mobile Innovation

An announcement was made yesterday detailing a partnership between Vox Mobile and Appthority, to deliver capabilities that will enable businesses to pursue mobile innovation effectively.

Vox Mobile, a leading provider of complete Enterprise Mobility solutions, will team up with Appthority, a mobile risk management provider, to make a collaborative relationship which has been active since 2014 official.

The two companies will work together with the aim of closing the gap for the wider market, which is a term used to identify obstacles to mobile innovation such as infrastructure issues that prevent organisations from creatively using mobile assets.

In an attempt to close this gap, Vox Mobile will provide a comprehensive mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solution designed to ensure application success and deliver an excellent user experience. Appthority's enterprise mobile app risk management service will act as an integral part of Vox Mobile's MaaS solution.

The combination of these technologies will help organisations overcome challenges with understanding and identifying mobile app security threats, which is currently a very prominent issue. For example, Appthority's industry-leading mobile app risk management service will analyse behavioural patterns to detect hidden app actions, and consequently allow enterprises to design and deploy custom rules to eliminate unwanted app behaviour.

"Working with an industry leader like Appthority is a natural fit," said Kris Snyder, CEO, Vox Mobile. "[EMM] is a relatively mature industry, but app security is increasingly a concern as customers deal with accelerating change and mobile devices evolve into the new desktop in an environment with heightened security concerns. By working with Appthority, Vox Mobile can ensure app security and provide an excellent end user experience, which are the conditions enterprises require to close the gap. With successful deployments in Europe and Australia, we feel it is the right time to bring Appthority to the US market."

"With over 600 customers and the highest NPS in the industry, we are excited and honored to be partnering with Vox Mobile", said Pam Brodt, VP of Sales, Appthority. "By automatically identifying risky behaviours in millions of mobile apps, large enterprises can deploy their mobile programme knowing corporate data is safe."

Appthority and Vox Mobile will continue to deliver innovative solutions to the marketplace, providing enterprise customers with the tools they need to innovate in a changing mobile environment.