Co-Innovation and Co-Creation: What it Means to be a True Mobility Partner

As the current economy remains under a veil of global uncertainty, many Fortune 1000 companies are addressing cost reductions with a 'save to grow' approach.

They are investing in areas they believe will provide a discernible competitive advantage. In today's world of mobile, social, analytics and cloud, one of the key drivers of growth is Enterprise Mobility, which can bolster an organisation's efficiency, employee productivity, revenue generation, customer relations and brand perception. In fact, many leading companies are creating and sustaining superior performance by leveraging Enterprise Mobility to develop viable new business models.

This confluence of uncertain economic times and the need for companies to gain a competitive advantage has resulted in a significant interest from enterprise organisations seeking a true mobility partner - someone who is willing to co-innovate and co-create solutions. Clearly, enterprises in today's hyper-competitive, real-time business world can' afford to get mobility wrong.

They also can't afford to go it alone. This need for such a collaborative partner is further necessitated by the high costs of mobility resources and mobile technology's inherent volatile and disruptive nature. Additionally, while mobility in the workplace is nothing new, Enterprise Mobility continues to evolve and change how companies operate as the C-suite grapples with governance and security issues.

Many organisations are now faced with the challenge of balancing their mobile future and the current trend of 'save to grow' while looking ahead as mobile devices, platforms and software quickly evolve. Additionally, the traditional and mainstream IT enterprise approach is not suited to deliver in a timely, cost-effective manner.

As we like to say, mobility is not your traditional IT project. So, what today's organisations need is a true mobility partner who can help them offload the inherent risk of this volatile space, and also leverage appropriate mobility solutions to deliver on mobility's promises in a efficient and enduring manner.

A true mobility partner adds value in an end-to-end fashion by helping with the following items:

Enterprise Mobility governance and strategy: By helping establish proper governance structures and by asking the big questions, a true mobility partner is able to foster cross-organisational buy-in as well as identify the process and technology implications and clearly define what success will look like.

'Future-proofed' investments: A true mobility partner will protect an organisation's investments in mobile applications, by leveraging appropriate mobility solutions that offer support and on-going enhancements to ensure endurance, as well as implementing a proper testing strategy to ensure high performing apps and a high quality user experience.

Business freedom and IT control: By implementing a governance environment wherein business units have the freedom to build market-driven applications and IT has the ability to maintain governance, compliance, and security, a true mobility partner enables 'freedom within a framework', ensuring the success and stability of Enterprise Mobility initiatives.

BYOD strategy: As employees continue to bring in their personal devices, companies need a true mobility partner who can develop a BYOD strategy and policies that clearly outline the approved devices, risks and liability.

Few, if any, recent technological and operational shifts embody this mixture of benefits and challenges more than enterprise mobility. Surveys of IT and business executives show they anticipate, or are already realizing, a wide range of advantages by enabling their employees to operate in an untethered fashion.

The benefits delivered by mobility range from better and faster decision making to greater employee productivity to improved customer satisfaction. Looking ahead, companies that have a true mobility partner will thrive on change, as they are able to support emergent innovation and realize a competitive edge.

This article was written by Jeff Wallace, Head of Mobility Practice and Business Leader, Brillio.