Consumer-Like Messaging Apps Add Value to the Mobile Workplace

Enterprise-focused modern communication and collaboration solution provider Jive Software, Inc. recently launched Jive Chime, a new app designed for connecting co-workers.

Available across iOS and Android devices and on Windows and Mac desktops, Jive Chime will provide a consistent and secure consumer-like experience, where employees can instantly start one-on-one or group conversations with co-workers, teams and departments, whether at their desks or using their mobile devices.

"There is a massive paradigm shift in how employees communicate, because they expect to connect as simply and easily as they do in their personal lives. With the fast pace of business today, co-workers need simple, singularly-focused mobile apps to work together in any context, at anytime and on any device," said Elisa Steele, CEO and President, Jive Software. "Despite the many options for team communications, Jive Chime is the first to truly put people at the center of its design."

One of Jive's three new modern, purpose-built apps announced earlier this year, Jive Chime offers an intuitive, secure and easy way to stay connected and reachable across devices in the work environment.

The functionality of the app will allow employees to start conversations from mobile devices, and easily transfer it to their desktops at a later time, with anyone inside the organisation regardless of saved contact details. The app will also emulate consumer-grade experiences for conversing in a mobile context, and will facilitate profile and notification preferences for each individual user.

The new Jive-w portfolio of apps utilises expertise in the enterprise collaboration space, delivering singularly-focused mobile apps for employees to stay engaged and informed, work in real-time across devices and quickly find experts within their organisations.

"We work with blue chip companies and leading brands across the globe. As a result, our team is often working on the same brief but in different locations, from India and Europe to the United States. Not only does Jive Chime allow us to stay in touch wherever we are, it also means that we can collaborate in real-time, ensuring that we consistently deliver for our clients across multiple territories," said Gideon Joseph, CEO of Transatlantic Entertainment.