Dr. Brian Laughlin, Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company

Dr. Brian Laughlin has served many roles during his 19 years at the Boeing Company, covering many aspects of airplane production, including everything from actual aircraft construction as a Composites Mechanic, to trouble shooting and fixing Production problems as a Process Engineering Analyst, to his roles in IT as an eBusiness Software developer, Federated Search Developer/Manager. Brian has filed numerous patents, and received a plethora of awards for his inventive, problem solving solutions in IT, including: an Ed Wells Technical Excellence Award (99) Meritorious Invention Award (03), two Special Invention Awards (02, 09), and a Technical Replication Award (11). Brian was inducted into Boeingã??s Technical Fellowship 2007, and also serves as a technical consultant, mentor, and leader for the enterprise IT community.

Most currently, he serves as an Enterprise IT Architect and a leader of the BCA Mobile Solutions Team, planning, creating, selling and supporting mobile applications in support of Boeingã??s airline customers around the world. Brian also works developing technology roadmaps and visioneering for mobile technologies, including alternative form factors such as wearable computing and projectable interfaces and collaborative environments such as virtual and augmented reality.

Brian graduated from Wichita State Univeristy with a Bachelorã??s degree in Psychology (1994), a Masters Degree in Experimental Psychology (1999), and a Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology (2001). Brian also holds APICS certifications, and is a certified Lean coach and consultant.