Easing App Development for the Enterprise with Excel

Specialist Enterprise Mobility software production firm GoDB Tech has today announced an innovative solution named XLApp, which allows mobile apps to be created by anyone, using basic Excel knowledge.

Excel is the most widely used business software in the enterprise space, with over 750million users worldwide. In light of this, GoDB Tech has conceptualised a product that can convert any Excel file into an app, without coding. Business managers will now be able to use their Excel knowledge for developing mobile apps, and consequently reduce the development time from weeks to a few hours.

The process for achieving this development will allow users to model and design an app in Excel using its existing functions, and also define custom cells to capture image, GPS, Barcode, and other features by labelling the cells in Excel. Users will then upload the file into XLApp server, which will convert it into an app.

XLApp supports all major smartphone operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows, and will be available for download from respective app stores.

"People are more comfortable with using mobile apps, but most business processes are in Excel. With the number of smartphone users growing exponentially, it has become increasingly important for businesses to enable these processes on mobile. XLApp is a cloud-based service. With XLApp, anyone can develop a mobile app with just Excel knowledge. It is the fastest way to develop a mobile app without any coding," said Ravi Kiran, CTO, GoDB Tech.

Industries which will be able to utilise this innovation are those involving typical retail-oriented organisations such as banking, insurance, capital markets, retail, distribution and so forth.