Is EE the UK's Best Mobile Network?

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 03/12/2014
Is EE the UK's Best Mobile Network?

EE has been singled out as the best mobile network in the UK, following the most recent study by mobile analytics specialists RootMetrics.

The UK's entire mobile infrastructure has been the subject of several research projects carried out by the US mobile measurement firm since 2012, taking over 840,000 data samples to assess the leading mobile operators across all four Home Nations.

EE has been measured as the dominant force among its competitors (o2, Three and Vodafone) with regards to network performance and reliability, overall speed, mobile internet performance, as well as call and text performance. The four networks were scored out of 100, and ranked against each other accordingly.

o2 came second in the call performance and network speed categories, and Vodafone was placed at the bottom in all but one category, network speed, where it beat Three.

EE performed best across all categories, with Three second in terms of mobile internet, text services and network reliability.

The high-performing mobile service provider, which launched in October 2012 from the foundation of Orange and T-Mobile's existing resources, has since attracted over 2million customers to its 4G network. They have invested around ã1bn in their 4G capabilities thus far, which now serves 70% of the UKs population, and is reportedly up to seven times faster than the inferior 3G service

The final rankings and scores (out of 100) for the top mobile networks in the UK are as follows:

1. EE Score - 84.6
2. o2 Score - 73.5
3. Three Score - 66.5
4. Vodafone Score - 52.4

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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