Enterprise Mobile Video Technology for iOS and Android Devices

Thursday, January 15, 2015.

Enterprise video technology company Haivision has announced the release of a new free enterprise media player for low latency live streaming, for iOS and Android mobile devices, title InStream Mobile 1.2.

The latest version of the technology now supports HEVC/H.265 for bandwidth efficiency and secure reliable transport (SRT) for stream resiliency and security.

InStream Mobile will keeps employees connected by streaming low latency, secure video to mobile devices, allowing enterprise users to tune in to internal video channels and streams for traning, announcements, contextual review or other live video content within their corporate network.

This new solution is an open standard player, which can decode streams from many encoders. InStream Mobile can result in end-to-end latency of less than 500 milliseconds for 1080p60 video without the need for a central streaming server. This is an enormous advancement in the field of video streaming, with typical mobile streaming solutions often subject to a 10 - 60 second delay.

New to InStream Mobile, HEVC (high efficiency video coding, or H.265), is the latest video compression standard, delivering improved streaming efficiency. When transmitting video over constrained networks, HEVC provides significantly improved video quality compared to H.264 at the same bitrate.

InStream Mobile’s steaming protocol optimises the performance and video quality across unpredictable Internet networks, where packet loss, jitter and bandwidth fluctuations can severely affect the viewing experience. End-to-end security, resiliency and network awareness are all present within the technology, allowing enterprises to overcome common challenges with video content management.

InStream Mobile gives users access to local performance streams as well as those hosted on the Internet. Local multicast transport streams do not need to be transcoded, resized, or converted to HLS, allowing InStream Mobile to be instantly deployed within existing enterprise workflows. InStream Mobile also supports a central channel guide file so the channel list for all users can quickly be established and changed, further easing deployment and control.

"Streaming video architects have been looking for a mobile solution supporting live low latency video streaming," said Peter Maag, Haivision's Chief Marketing Officer. "For example, VideoLAN's VLC is used extensively for simple desktop installations, but a mobile solution has not been available for live transport stream video consumption. InStream Mobile fills this gap and, when combined with our Makito X, adds the power of transporting video over the Internet with SRT."