The Enterprise Mobility Market Begins to Shine in Latin America

Wednesday, February 18, 2015.

According to a recent report by 451 Research Group, the market for Enterprise Mobility solutions in Latin America is experiencing growth and showing significant promise.

This growth is being fueled by the expertise of leading EMM provider AirWatch by VMware, following considerable expansion in the region.

The report explained, "AirWatch has laid the groundwork [in Latin America] with strategic partnerships, and has built a solid presence across the region with pre and post-sales support," and identified the solution provider as a 'key mobility player' for Latin American businesses.

Behind regional growth in mobile adoption and BYOD policies, AirWatch has built a strong presence in Latin America, working with organisations such as Grupo Abril in Brazil, Colegio Menor in Ecuador, Universidad Anġhuac, Mayab in Mexico, and Inversiones la Cruz in Peru. The report suggests this is at least somewhat due to the fact that the AirWatch portfolio is suitable for the needs of both basic and advanced mobile deployments.

"The need to manage, control, authenticate and track inventory of Abril devices with access to corporate content were the main reasons we adopted a mobility strategy," said Davi Claudio, Telcom Manager, Grupo Abril. "Today, with the AirWatch EMM solution, we have greater confidence that our data is more secure from being violated or misused."

Reiterating this progress in this region, AirWatch were awarded the Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award for the MDM industry in Brazil by Frost & Sullivan, for the second consecutive year. Frost & Sullivan noted the AirWatch BYOD strategy, customer support and VMware acquisition are key differentiators in the market.

The AirWatch EMM platform includes localised sales and support in Latin America, with multilingual AirWatch solutions in 17 languages including Spanish and Portuguese..

"AirWatch by VMware has enabled hundreds of customers across the region to simplify Enterprise Mobility and deploy mobile initiatives across industries," said John Loparco, Director of Latin America Solutions, AirWatch by VMware. "As BYOD and mobile programmes grow at an accelerated rate, we will continue to dedicate resources, innovate our product and serve our customers throughout Latin America."

Mobility is expected to continue to take shape and flourish in Latin America, with many companies implementing more and more mobile devices and applications to improve collaboration and productivity.