Enterprise Mobility Moving into the New Year

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 12/30/2013

As the year reaches its climax, we decided to ask Chris Marsh, Principal Analyst at the Yankee Group, to share his thoughts on the transition into the New Year for Enterprise Mobility.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange: What was the pinnacle moment for you in Enterprise Mobility in 2013?

Chris Marsh: Not so much a pinnacle, but I think somewhat of a turning point, was Antenna Software's acquisition by Pegasystems. It didn't rock the industry in itself, but it did send a subtler message out for enterprises that they should question the pecking order in enterprise mobile service providers.

For a while, Antenna had been seen as a leading mobile enterprise application platform, winning the GSMAs 'Best Enterprise Mobile Service Award' in 2011, and shortlisted in 2013, feting itself as being 'top right'. How things change. We interpreted their acquisition as the result of their inability to make their MEAP platform work against intensifying competition, from both newer more agile entrants, and from larger IT service providers with deeper pockets and wider complementary service portfolios.

Going into 2014 enterprises should question the traditional pecking order and be aware of growing market consolidation.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange: What do you predict to be the biggest trend in Enterprise Mobility moving into 2014?

Chris Marsh: At the start of the year we made the prediction that ã??80% of companies will adopt BYODã?쳌 by year end. A year ago it was clear that we had just passed somewhat of a threshold with regard to the philosophy of companies around consumerisation.

Back in December 2011 44% of companies broadly accepted it (measured as the proportion of companies allowing their employees to use consumer apps and devices at work, whether actually providing support for it or not). Fast forward to the end of last year and this had grown to 53%. It had increased again to 63% by September this year.

The prediction that this would have increased to 80% acceptance by year end was clearly ambitious, but it will continue to grow into 2014 and have a key impact on how enterprises leverage mobility.

Read more from Chris Marsh.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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