Organisations Must Effectively Place Enterprise Mobility within Business Strategies

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 12/04/2014
Organisations Must Effectively Place Enterprise Mobility within Business Strategies

Organisations of all shapes and sizes now realise that the need for Enterprise Mobility within business strategies is no longer optional, it is now essential for success.

As employee productivity improves, workforce efficiency and safety levels rise, and the overheads begin to decrease, senior decision makers become more open to new and innovative technologies being introduced throughout their organisations.

However, it is no secret that employees that leverage mobility can leave themselves open to devastating risk if adequate security measures are not in place from the start. Furthermore, if the corporate applications and devices which enterprises are becoming increasingly reliant on are insufficient to the demanding needs of the workforce, the ROI will suffer as a result of poor levels of adoption.

Consequently, these decision makers must approach mobility with as much understanding and foresight as possible, carefully crafting their strategy to accommodate everything from their existing legacy systems to their potential for incorporating software and platform as a service solutions down the line.

As a preview to Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas, which ran at the end of October,
we collated the thoughts and opinions of past Enterprise Mobility Exchange attendees and present editorial contributors across a number of crucial topics, to paint a detailed picture of what it takes to effectively implement mobility and positively impact your organisation

Following the success of the event, which brought together over 100 senior-level mobile, field service and enterprise IT business leaders, this is a good opportunity to look back on the trends that formed the basis of discussion topics at the event.

This eBook features experienced mobile professionals such as Viral Shah, Mobility Architect & Strategist, Kellogg Company; George McQuillister, Principal IT Architect for Mobile Operations Support, Pacific Gas & Electric; Giraldo Hierro, Head of Engineering, Google and Michel de Goede, Strategy Consultant & Enterprise Architect, Alliander, plus many more.

Download the eBook, Mapping the Landscape of Enterprise Mobility in 2014 here, to access the detailed interviews, articles and expert commentary from industry-leading organisations, and catch up with the five highlights of last year's event.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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