Examining the Key Mobility Solution Investments in 2013

Amongst the recent excitement of the New Year, it has been difficult to resist looking to the future with optimism and awe for Enterprise Mobility professionals. 2014 is upon us, and industry projections for the next 12 months have been full of promise.

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange team have been eagerly anticipating the coming year and beyond with regards to the thriving mCommerce industry, the potential impact of mHealth, the Internet of Things, and the overall landscape of Enterprise Mobility itself.

Interestingly, this presents a valuable opportunity to take a step back from the ambitions and opportunities of Enterprise Mobility's bright future to reflect on the past year, and observe exactly how it ran its course.

Our recent report revealed a great deal about the mindset of the current Enterprise Mobility space, compiling key information from over 150 survey respondents, 44% of which revealing they have already implemented a mobility solution within their organisation.

Need for investment in solutions can be triggered by a vast number of different business requirements and, in many cases, the priorities are subjective and not clearly defined. For practitioners in particular, Mobile Applications were the most common solution investment in 2013, alongside Mobile Devices, both consumer (BYOD) and ruggedized. Alternatively, analysts strongly believed that Cloud solutions warranted the most investment, although this was closely followed by Mobile Apps.

Solution providers themselves appear to concur that Mobile Apps were the most important solution to invest in, but also proposed that Mobile and Enterprise Security should have been a key investment priority for all organisations. Other areas of investment which were prominent in 2013 included Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Analytics and Enterprise Mobility Management.

These investments, as well as mobile investment in general, are most commonly justified by the need or desire for increased productivity, as agreed by 70% of our survey respondents. Other crucial benefits directly associated with investment in Enterprise Mobility solutions range from boosting operational efficiency, improving customer service, and of course, reducing costs.

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