Expert Tips on the Next Step in Your Mobility Journey?

Niamh Madigan

Gain practical and innovative tips from this interactive video session, which was recorded at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange Miami.

Matt Berry, Marketing Executive, IBM leads a panel including David Krebs, VP - Mobile and Wireless, VDC Research; Todd Carey, Mobile and Supply Chain Executive, Kony and Derl Rhoades, Head of Power Delivery, Service Development & Support, Southern Company on building a coordinated mobile strategy that capitalises on the convergence of social, mobile, analytics and cloud.

While mobilising the fieldforce is expensive, it is important to look to sustainable development and take an evolutionary standpoint on how to get your enterprise mobility strategy there. Breaking down the intellectual barriers in mobility is key as we are all mobile experts due to consumerism and this savviness has transferred into the enterprise. Companies need to get out in front of their mobile strategy and build a roadmap with corporate goals and user dynamics.

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