Fast Facts: New OS King Crowned With 37.93% Market Share

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For the first time since worldwide operating system usage has been tracked, the omnipresent Windows platform has been dethroned by Android in a “historic” sign of the times. According to, Android OS made up 37.93% of all users accessing the Internet in March of this year. Windows followed at 37.91%, and Apple’s iOS was a distant third with 13.09%.

What may be the bigger story, however, is the disparity in directions the two leaders are headed. Just five years ago, Windows was responsible for more than 80% of the global OS market, while Android only had 2.4% of the market.

While Windows is still the most widely used platform on desktops and laptops globally, notching 84% of the market, it loses ground in the mobile sector. The report states the breakthrough for Android is the growth of smartphones to access the internet in conjunction with a decline in PC sales.

Also making a major impact is the global distribution of connected devices and Internet usage. Windows held its lead in North America (39.5%), followed by iOS, then Android, but in Asia, Android made up 52.2% of the OS market, with Windows a distant second at 29.2%.

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