First-Ever Benchmark Tool Gauges Enterprise Apps On Wi-Fi, Cell Networks

Developers have the unenviable task of creating, testing, and deploying apps in the enterprise. But what happens after the end user has a negative experience with the application on their mobile device? Or if the technology works on a Wi-Fi network, but not on a cellular network?

The worst part is an end result of potential uninstallation or abandonment completely.

Now developers may become equipped with the proper tools and analytics that can fix issues unforeseen in the QA process.

After a $4.3 million funding round, startup accelerator PacketZoom is touting the industry’s first-ever Global Mobile App Network Benchmarks, being used to test app performance across both geographies and networks. The reports – aimed at aiding developers – will be released monthly and test both enterprise and consumer apps across geographies and 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks.

A software development kit (SDK) is downloaded and prepacked inside the app by the developer, which is then monitored, and data points are extracted to create the monthly reports.

The company’s first report focused on the month of October, showing results that included France’s network offering the best “round trip” time from app to content server over both cell and Wi-Fi networks, with a 276 millisecond rate. While the U.S. came in fifth overall for largest number of mobile users adopting 4G cellular technology, at 83%, but didn’t make the top-five for best response times for mobile apps.

Enterprise apps have been confounding developers for years, as high complexity and lack of focus spurred high rates of abandonment.

The number of obstacles faced by enterprise-level app developers continues to grow, as was reported by Enterprise Mobility Exchange earlier this year. Survey takers described why these apps are often dead on arrival. Learn more here.

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