Free Version of Award-Winning Enterprise Mobility Platform Released for Rapid App Development

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 01/29/2015

Friday, January 30, 2015.

appsFreedom launched yesterday a new Community Edition; free, no-obligation access to some of the most powerful features of its model-driven, enterprise app development platform for Citizen Developers.

The platform allows anyone with business process knowledge to build and deploy enterprise mobile apps in hours and days, with no advanced programming skills required. As a category-defining Platform-as-a-Service, appsFreedom believes the Community Edition will provide a compelling, hands-on experience of the emerging power of rapid app development.

"The capacity to create, validate and deploy apps faster than one could even begin vetting a third-party software vendor is going to be a definitive business advantage going forward," commented Vaidy Iyer, Founder and CEO of appsFreedom. "Our robust and responsive platform continues to be recognised by enterprise users around the globe as the next generation of mobility platforms.

"Now, our Community Edition puts many of those same powerful tools in the hands of everyone: enterprise architects and developers, IT and business analysts, entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro businesses and solo app developers. They can subsequently share their work with peers, leveraging the community's collective intelligence to maximise the potential of the platform."

The appsFreedom Community Edition gives users access to a broad subset of the platform's most powerful tools and functions. Developers can create up to four web or mobile apps and provide access for up to 10 users. The Community Edition showcases the complete development cycle made possible by appsFreedom: Design, Model, Enhance, Deploy, Manage.

Many of appsFreedom’s competitors tend to only offer extremely limited versions of their platforms for free. However, appsFreedom has elected to include a significant subset of its platform in the Community Edition. Online training helps new users quickly acclimatise, applying their aptitude for solving business problems toward lean and functional business apps. Additionally, the development process is accelerated due to, the Community Edition’s diverse set of unique app templates.

"The appsFreedom Community Edition will allow anyone to turn a great idea into a great app in a matter of days," added Iyer. "Our platform bridges the gap between IT and business knowledge, trimming development cycles to a fraction of their usual time. And like the enterprise version, the appsFreedom Community Edition requires no coding knowledge. The user interface enables visual development with a drag-and-drop toolkit, where apps are constructed much like a standard workflow diagram."

Users of the appsFreedom Community Edition can upgrade to the full enterprise version at any time, accessing a host of integration and deployment features, both online and offline, compatible with any enterprise mobile app environment.

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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