How Will the Changing Priorities of CIOs Affect the Customer?

ã??With consumers engaging more directly with businesses through mobile and social media, more than 60% of CIOs will focus more heavily on improving the customer experience and getting closer to customers.ã?쳌

This statement is one of the key findings from a new study recently released by IBM, entitled, Moving from the Back Office to the Front Lines - CIO Insights from the Global C-suite Study. This study is based on face-to-face conversations with over 1,600 Chief Information Officers from as many as 70 countries and 20 different industries in total.

More than 80% of CIO participants claimed to be adjusting their focus towards customer-facing areas of their organisations, such as marketing, sales and service management. This will predominantly be achieved through significant investment in new data analysis technology, to acquire a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, and an enhanced ability to foresee major market trends.

It is clear that CIOs now consider technology factors critical to their organisations, whereas in previous studies, CIOs had ranked technology factors as low as their sixth biggest pressure point, below categories such as market factors and macro-economic changes.

With 66% of CIOs believing their IT departments are comfortable with the basics of their organisationã??s technology, more attention is now being given to new engagement and technology platforms, in an attempt to build 'customer-activated enterprisesã??.

Interestingly, IBMã??s research has identified a correlation between the increasing emphasis on customer engagement and growing investment in cloud technology. Additionally, mobility was named as the top priority by 84% of participants in this study. This demonstrates, and aligns with recent notions that enterprises must acknowledge the high importance of meeting user demands, and provide a positive customer experience in the exploding digital business market.

Source: IBM