Mobile App Development Capabilities for Enterprise Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Thursday, January 29, 2015.

Bell Nursery, the prime nursery provider of annuals and perennials to more than 170 Home Depot stores, and Webalo, the high-productivity mobile app development platform, announced the launch of a new, enterprise mobile product for Supply Chain & Inventory Management (SCIM).

Webalo SCIM is a customised version of Webalo’s mobile app development platform, designed to meet the requirements of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers that aim to deliver real-time supply chain management capabilities to the mobile devices of their employees. This new solution incorporates Bell’s custom-developed task list, which the nursery company created to enhance its own use of Webalo.

Optimised for use with operational data, from assets deployed throughout the supply chain and enterprise ERP systems, Webalo SCIM enables organisations to easily deploy secure mobile apps that enable businesses to track and manage their inventory. This will be possible from manufacturing source, through to customer checkout, all in real time. The solution is particularly useful for companies in the perishable goods space, where real-time inventory management is absolutely critical to limiting waste.

"Using Webalo, we’ve been able to cut inventory waste by 50% while also ensuring Home Depot customers always have access to the plants they want, wherever they’re shopping," said Joe Perret, Vice President at Bell. "We grow more than 90million annuals, 5million perennials and 1million poinsettias each year and Webalo, which is used by hundreds of our employees, has become a critical part of managing inventory all the way through our supply chain."

Webalo SCIM grew out of Bell’s longtime use of Webalo to manage its inventory through the supply chain, ensuring the right inventory mix across 178 Home Depot stores in seven US states, as well as the District of Columbia.

This launch will enable other manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to gain access to Bell’s expertise and custom Webalo features, to achieve similar improvements in efficiency throughout their own supply chains.

According to 2014 Gartner research, "Next year, 79% of the organisations [from this survey] plan to increase spending on mobile development by 36%, and many will explore new technology and sourcing options." Gartner also stated, "By 2018, more than half of all business-to-employee mobile apps will be created by enterprise business analysts using codeless tools."

Webalo provides this codeless creation capability, enabling organisations to easily create enterprise mobile apps that provide bi-directional mobile access to all types of enterprise applications.

Webalo seamlessly integrates and interoperates with enterprise applications and data from providers such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and, as well as in-house custom-built applications.

Interestingly, Webalo also provides out-of-the-box integration with all of the major EMM infrastructure tools, such as those from BlackBerry, Citrix, Good Technology, MobileIron, VMware and Symantec. This makes it more convenient for IT to ensure data security, provide protection against unauthorised access, and deploy and manage Webalo-generated mobile apps with complete confidence. Webalo is used in a broad range of industries by a varied set of enterprises, such as GE, Wells Fargo and even the NHS in the UK.

"Webalo enables data gathered from products tracked throughout the supply chain to be analysed in combination with other data sources to deliver new, actionable insights in real time," explained Webalo CEO Peter Price. "With the launch of Webalo SCIM, we continue to deliver on our mission to dramatically increase business productivity, by enabling employees to make better, more informed decisions."