Mobile Enterprises Offered More Flexibility to Secure and Manage Sensitive Data

Good Technology has today announced new security capabilities for Good Work, which are set to provide even further protection to companies' corporate data.

The leading enterprise-grade email and collaboration app will now be extended with secure voice and SMS communications, configured with more acute data loss prevention policies, and enabled to support Email Classification and Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) for organisations that require classification and digital signing and encryption of messages.

The new capabilities in Good Work are set to enhance the productivity of users and provide IT departments with more flexibility to secure and manage access to sensitive messaging, voice and SMS communications.

"The need to ensure that corporate data is secure from threats, whether external or internal, is critical in every enterprise," said Christy Wyatt, Chairman and CEO at Good Technology. "Offering an amazing user experience, while providing the highest level of mobile security, has been our focus for over a decade. Good Work enables users to be their most productive while keeping their data safe in the world's most demanding environments."

Additionally, Good Work will now include features from CellTrust SecureLine, enabling a secure mobile business number for BYOD users, to keep personal and business communications separate on one device.

This capability will be important for regulated industries such as financial services, legal, healthcare and government agencies that require greater security for business communications, as well as archiving for eDiscovery and other supervision and compliance purposes. This will also mean business phone usage wonã??t affect personal voice plans, allowing users to keep their personal usage untouched and removing the need for mobile device reimbursements.

Good Technology will also delivering more granular policy controls on how data is captured by Good Work and any of more than 2,000 Good-secured apps currently in use by enterprises. These enhancements will feature more fine-grained policies governing copy-and-paste of information between Good-secured and non-secured apps, and cloud services that enable IT to support multiple enterprise use cases.

Furthermore, new data capture restrictions will add security to screen snapshots, dictation, custom keyboards and more. By only applying these restrictions to Good-secured apps, IT will not have to restrict these capabilities across all apps using MDM restrictions on BYO and COPE devices, which will allow for a much more satisfying user experience on personally-owned devices.