New Mobile Process Improves Experience for Retailers and Consumers Alike

Monday, January 12, 2015.

Enterprise shipping software provider Agile Network LLC have partnered with Scanbuy Inc., a mobile marketing solution provider, to develop an innovative mobile process that will revolutionise returns, named EcoReturn.

Announced today in conjunction with their presence at the National Retail Federation’s ‘Big Show’, EcoReturn will simplify the mobile return process by leveraging Scanbuy’s patented QR code technology, alongside leading real-time consumer data analytics.

Consumers will simply have to scan a QR code located on the original shipping label to return merchandise with this convenient new process.

EcoReturn will deliver benefits to retailers such as significant savings on shipping, key insight into consumer behavior to strengthen brand engagement and customer service, and increased opportunities for environmental stewardship.

The solution will integrate with existing carrier return processes, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, CanadaPost DHL and more.

"Scanbuy's robust technology and flexibility was a perfect match for developing our new mobile returns solution," said Jim LeRose, Principal at Agile Network. "EcoReturn is win-win: it simplifies the process for retailers, while streamlining the engagements with mobile consumers."

Users of EcoReturn will be able to scan a strategically-located QR code within the original shipment, using a mobile device to execute a return in less then one minute, around five times faster than existing methods.

In addition to this increased speed and convenience, EcoReturn will enable enterprises to improve customer service and marketing through increased data insight, lower costs on return shipping, reduce duplicated inventory and reduce environmental waste.

"EcoReturn offers a tremendous opportunity for retailers to adapt to the mobile shopper and demonstrate environmental responsibility while improving return procedures," said Chai Outmezguine, Co-Founder and CEO of Scanbuy.