Mobile Search App Saves Valuable Time for Business Users

X1, a specialist in search software for on-premise, virtual and cloud-based enterprise environments, has announced the ability of a new solution named X1 Search Mobile.

X1 Mobile will enable an instantaneous and secure search of millions of documents, and years of email from a smartphone, which could prove to be a game-changing capability for today's mobile-first workforce.

X1 Search Mobile will deliver X1's award-winning user interface to the mobile setting, providing fast and precise search of email and files from anywhere at any time.

This will eliminate the time-consuming use of limited, slow and inconsistent 'Exchange-only' searches with current smartphones. X1 Search Mobile will offer the ability to conduct full email and desktop searches from mobile devices, keeping workers productive no matter where they are.

In today's 'always on' business environment, X1 Search Mobile will allow users to effortlessly find and take action on important information they require, regardless of where it is and when they might be looking for it.

"X1's approach to mobile search is ground-breaking and fills a huge productivity void in today's mobile enterprise, said John Patzakis, CEO of X1. "X1 Search Mobile provides an intuitive user interface to email that goes well beyond the native search of the mobile device, while also providing access to desktop files, SharePoint, and other critical sources of content. X1 enables true mobile productivity."

Built specifically for the enterprise, X1 Search Mobile will integrate with the leading EMM capabilities of vendors such as AirWatch and Good Technology, providing the most secure mobile search possible.

This differentiates it from other mobile search applications, in terms of the security already provided by EMM platforms, giving X1 the most robust security model available. Additionally, the X1 Search Mobile will work on both iOS and Android platforms.