Mobile World Congress 2014: The Wrap Up

Mobile World Congress is now behind us for another year, having once again drawn some of the most brilliant minds of the technology world to Barcelona for four days of gazing into the future.

There have been some important products introduced over the course of this week, and as a result, some fairly clear pictures have begun to take shape in terms of the direction mobile development will be heading over the coming year and beyond.

Innovative smartphones, as expected, dominated the show, but creativity was abundant at MWC with many companies taking steps towards the next generation of mobile devices. Wearable technology is arguably the most prominent theme to have emerged this year, and whilst it is a concept which many have been pushing forward for some time already, it appears that 2014 will be the year that consumers really embrace smartwatches, interactive glasses and health-monitoring wristbands.

There have also been some game-changing tablet devices released this year, as well as the inevitable 'thinking outside the box' products, such as Fujitsu's augmented reality gloves.

Recognisable brands such as Firefox and BlackBerry have announced (or re-announced) themselves as contenders in the mobile device arena, in addition to some new faces stepping up to take their deserved shot at the big-time. Furthermore, advances in the power and processing capabilities of devices have played a big role in making MWC a significant date in the technology calendar.

Leading brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei unsurprisingly earned the most attention, proving that the mobile market is an extremely tough nut to crack from the outside. However, there was a great deal of encouragement for creativity and ambition, suggesting that the future of mobile technology could still be there for the taking.

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Video via Nokia